Dark and Tasty-Evil Twin Brewing’s Lil’ B Imperial Porter

So if you ask our 23 year-old twin daughters who is the evil one, they will most likely both answer in the affirmative. They are, after all, Daddy’s girls.LuckyPie Hence when I was casting about for interesting brews to review, I could scarcely contain my excitement when I laid my eyes on this offering from Evil Twin Brewing located in Stratford, Connecticut. And one of the twins’ names even begins with a “B” so it seemed my path and Lil’ B’s Imperial Porter were destined to cross.


(I have other photos of the twins, but this is one of my recent favorites. Beginning on the left is my lovely wife of 24 years, Pat. Then Brenna, Duke, son of a friend I have known since 2nd grade, and Logan. Across the table are our old, new found friends, Hans and Trena. This picture was taken at Lucky Pie Pizza and Taphouse, a great place to eat with a phenomenal and selective beer list.)

The Beer Judging Certification Program (BJCP) has three categories for porter- Brown, Robust, and Baltic. Before tasting a beer, I usually familiarize myself with the category details. This proved instructive and surprising when I poured Lil’ B. It was one of the darkest beers I have seen, looking very nearly the same color as blackstrap molasses. Alcohol by Volume % (ABV) usually range from 4% to 9.5%, but the Lil’ B measures out at a whopping 11.5 %. Definitely a bomber to share with friends or to drink in your cuddliest overstuffed chair at home.

Lil B

Strong aromas of sweet grain greet the nose and the palate with the addition of prune/raisin and a hint of chocolate. A very full mouthfeel, but moderate carbonation contribute to a very pleasing beer.

The complexity of this porter makes for an ideal choice as an after dinner brew, consumed alone or paired with almost anything featuring dark chocolate. I would tend toward a chocolate mousse and shy away from something like a dense chocolate cake.


Evil Twin Brewing http://eviltwin.dk/home/

Lil’ B photo from http://drinkblogrepeat.com/2012/11/01/evil-twin-lil-b/


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