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Back to the blog and in “more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff”. Pretend you are Wayne and Garth doing that fade back into time…doodle-loodle-loo, doodle-loodle-loo.waynegarth





Beginning in February I had a number of minor health problems…”old age ain’t no place for sissies”.


First up, bowel obstruction. I had always thought there was something blocking the way, a inadequately chewed piece of medium rare steak, a long forgotten piece of Bazooka, or maybe a large Lego. Nothing so dramatic as we found out. The doctors believed that the small intestine just got kinked up around my appendectomy scar tissue. It eventually relaxed without surgery, although I did have an NG tube (and all that goes with the insertion) in me for 24 hours.

Secondly, about a month later, I was back in the ER with a urinary tract infection, probably caused by dehydration. Three rounds of antibiotics were necessary to clear up the infection and E-coli. Jiminy Crickets! I will spare you any further details of my subsequent trip to my urologist, because it makes everyone cringe.


More time travel explanation.tardis

The next few posts will be starting from the most recent events and going back, so pay attention to the dates as there will be an exam- part multiple choice, part essay.

Biking and Brews

Mike and I did this ride last September, but we had to cut it short, bypassing the last three breweries, as we were selling our house and I received a notice for a previously unscheduled showing. In the meantime, another brewery has opened in Lafayette. The next ride will take participants to seven breweries, four in Lafayette and three in Louisville. It is an eleven mile ride that begins and ends at 12Degree Brewing on Main Street in Louisville. There is only one significant hill (although you do have the option of doing two steep hills) and the majority of the ride is on residential streets or bike trails. We will meet at 12Degree Brewing at 11:00 am on Sunday, August 23rd. Without stops, the ride is an easy 90 minute circuit, so plan accordingly.

1st Leg   12Degree to Liquid Mechanics



Heading north on Main Street, turn right on Griffith which ends at 96th. Watch the traffic here when you cross. Continue north in the bike lane across South Boulder Road. Go past the shopping plaza on the right and the development north of those. You will see a small dirt trail that drops down to a wide sidewalk. Continue on that sidewalk until it changes to a gravel path. You will come to a T intersection, stay to the left and then make a right which will take you into a quiet residential neighborhood on Waneka Lake Trail.  Once you see the lake, turn left and peddle past the picnic grounds and boathouse. You will see two trails, one that is right beside the lake and a lower one. I like the lower one as it is less crowded but they both end up at the same place, a small parking lot on the east side. Ride east and take a left at the stop sign. Follow Caria Drive all the way to Baseline. Turn left and stay on the sidewalk. Liquid Mechanics will be on your right.







2nd Leg   Liquid Mechanics to Odd 13


An easy 1 mile ride. Cross Baseline, take a right on N. Carr Ave and then a left on W. Geneseo St. You will cross N. Public Rd and go 2 more block to N. Gough Ave. Odd 13 Brewing is on the northwest corner.







3rd Leg  Odd 13 to Post


Another short ride. Head 8 blocks south on S Gough Ave. Turn right on Emma St.   Cross S. Public Rd. and you will see Post up ahead on your right.










4th Leg  Post to Front Range


Head back to S. Public Rd and turn right. Take a casual ride down the sidewalk, but, if there are lots of folks, move onto the street. Turn right onto City Center Circle. DO NOT FOLLOW THE MAP AT THIS POINT. You are now in a parking lot and can cut across diagonally to a stop sign and Dixon St. Follow Dixon for a few yards to a traffic light which will get you safely across S. Boulder Rd. You will see a strip mall on your right. Front Range Brewing is in the mall. Pedal around to the back for a more secure place to park your bikes.







5th Leg  Front Range to Crystal Springs


A lovely little jaunt along the Coal Creek Trail. At the first paved road, turn left and peddle up and around the hill. Take your first right onto CTC Blvd and your first right onto Taylor Ave. Follow Taylor Ave around. Crystal Springs is located in an unassuming building about half a mile down on your right.

Alternative route. If you want a nice view and get your heart rate really going, stay on the bike path across Empire Rd. This takes you to the top of the one hill. You get a short rest going down, but just after exiting the underpass you will take a left turn and climb up another steep hill. This path ends at Taylor before the curve south, so take a right and cruise down to Crystal Springs.







6th Leg  Crystal Springs to Gravity


Head back up Taylor and reenter the bike path just passed Lockheed Martin. When you reach the bottom, turn left back onto the Coal Creek Trail. When you see a series of sheds, take the path to the right. You will jog over to East St. Peddle north. You will see a VFW lodge on the left and Gravity is on the west end of that building.









7th Leg  Gravity to 12Degree


Carefully cross Pine at some point. Turn left onto Main Street and 12Degree Brewing is two blocks down on the right. Congratulations! You have ridden about 11.6 miles and tasted some great beer.

Once again, a group of us will be doing this ride on Sunday, August 23, beginning at 11 am in front of 12Degree Brewing, 820 Main Street, Louisville, Co 80027.

Update!! We completed this ride recently. Check all of the brewery hours. I did not know that Crystal Springs was now closed on Sundays for private parties and special events. We did check out the hours while at the first stop, so we simply cut that visit out of our route.

Cheers, Scott