Hello folks and welcome. A bit of an introduction is in order here.

My name is Scott Sala and I had a long career as an educator (from preschoolers to adults), mostly in science. I had finished up my PhD class work when the siren call of beer, wine, and food became irresistible. It was time to leave public education and stride off in a new direction.005

This site contains reviews about particular beers, food, people, places, and events.

I don’t own a very good camera yet, so bear with me on any photographs.

I hope you find these pages enlightening and worthy of conversation.


Feel free to contact me at


Photo Credits
Beer Taps http://www.tapwerks.com/beer.html
Beer Glassware After a bit of research I discovered that this image is cropped from a poster. The entire image can be found here, http://brookstonbeerbulletin.com/tag/glassware/, but I can’t find the original source of the poster’s creator. Alack and Alas…