Great Divide Brewing Company Yeti Imperial Stout

Okay, okay…I’ve had my delightfully
Yetidependable Toyota Highlander for 5 years and had yet to put a sticker on the car. Soooo I went way over the top and put on two. The other one simple says “Wag”. The relevant one is pictured here.

I had to plan a birthday dinner for an adult daughter. A cheese plate, then some seafood appetizers (grilled shrimp with mango, red onion, jalapeno puree/ grilled scallops with

a Sriracha mayonnaise/ grilled vegetable gazpacho), spice-rubbed rib eyes, and triple layer chocolate mousse cake. I had selected wine and beer pairings for each course. Not as many people wanted the stout so I had a bottle leftover. I love it when that happens.


No watered down stout here. Deep brown head, sweet aroma with hints of chocolate and coffee. Definitely powerful roast taste on the palate. Long finish with a welcoming bitter kick. It worked magnificently with the mousse and do well with any dark chocolate dessert.


Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) Style Guidelines for STOUTS

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