500 Bottles Of Beer In My Book (App, Actually)

I never drink water; that is the stuff that rusts pipes.”   W. C. Fields

At long last, I have finally taken the time to put pen to paper, so to speak. But, once again, fear not, gentle reader, as I have not forsaken that most delicious and versatile of malty beverages. I have been drinking and brewing with my usual enthusiasm, but I have not been as industrious about the writing part as I should have been. A flurry of posts will be forthcoming forthwith.

My 500th Different Beer.

I remained stalled at 497 for a few days as my job sometimes interferes with my ability to find interesting brews tickle my taste buds and tantalize yours. I have written about the 3 microbreweries in our town of 18 thousand and was next planning to visit our neighboring hamlet of Lafayette, CO which also is home to 3 craft breweries that have garnered many rave reviews- Post, Odd 13, and Front Range.  A stop at just one of these would get me to that hallowed of Untapp’d badges (http://beeredland.com/2013/08/13/untappd-its-like-boy-scouts-for-beer/)




But domestic tasks beckoned and I became extricated in the deep cleaning of our inside refrigerator and figuring out how to store our 3 recent brews in our garage refrigerator. And as I had resolved not to be so clutter-dacious, I had some pick up work to do about the house. A field trip was not in my immediate future.






But then, as if thunderstruck by Thor himself, I remembered I had 3 beers from Iceland in the refrigerator, gifts from friend and fellow brewer Chris and his  lovely wife, Carolyn, fermenter extraordinaire, from their most recent madcap adventure. I have yet to hear an entire recap of the trip, but they did travel north of the Arctic Circle and joyously participated in the Reykjavik Bacon Festival.








Icelandic White Ale by Einstök Olgerđ. Light and refreshing on a hot day. Great 2165summertime beer. However, the average high temperature for the warm season is only 53 degrees. Take a six pack to the nearest thermal pool.



aviary_1405898385364Tumi Humall IPA by Gæðingur Öl Brugghús. This honey-colored brew had an interesting hop aroma, until I realized that the breeze was blowing lightly in my face and I was picking up the scent of the geraniums on the table. Milder, less hoppy  than American IPA’s, this beer would pair well with a wide variety of roasted or grilled meats

Stedji Reyktur (Stedji Smoked) by Brugghús Steðja. This tastes similar to our 20140720_172041recently bottled Grodziskie which was made with smoked wheat. A light touch of smoke on the nose and palate.

 Earned the Legendary badge!    Ta-Da!!!

A very enjoyable tasting session although I had to finish inside as our somewhat typical, brief afternoon showers moved through.


As of this post, I stand at 512 distinct beers. And all this writing is making me thirsty…for more writing, of course.



Posts to come…One Of The Worst Beers Ever, More Adventures In Brewing, Post Brewing, Odd13 Brewing, Front Range Brewing, Reviews!

Thor Image http://www.comicvine.com/forums/battles-7/silver-surfer-thor-and-ww-hulk-vs-wonder-woman-sup-538685/

Untapp’d Image  https://untappd.com/home