The Beer-muda Triangle…First Stop, Twelve Degree Brewing

Deepest apologies for my lengthy absence, gentle readers. I have unequivocally not deserted you and I do continue to excitedly muse about the nectar of the gods- beer- in all its glorious colors and tastes.

Let me tell you about my town. Louisville, Colorado (and you do pronounce the “S”) is a town of less than 20, 000 folks, yet there are three microbreweries within the limits forming what shall henceforth be referred to as

The Beer-muda Triangle        You can almost taste the magic.


As there are three microbreweries on the map, it would be exceptionally easy to construct a triangle, but that would make it worthless as a map, so for the geometrically inclined, please simply imagine a triangle and save the driving to those less enlightened.









Producing delightful Belgian-inspired ales, this is one of my favorite places to relax with friends and family. Located on Main Street, it also happens to be less than two miles from our home.

With the bar and tables constructed from rail car flooring, the place exudes an ambiance of rustic charm with just a touch of impishness as seen in such details as the naming of the fermenters

2065 2063

or the scrambled words hidden in the ale descriptions









And, of course, the ales are outstanding and can be appreciated by those newly escaping their addiction to Miller Lite (or similar slop) as well as those with a wider palate.








Hopheads take note…you will find much more subtlety expressed in these beers with ratings ranging from 18 to 28 IBU’s. Alcohol content ranges from 5.7% to around 11% ABV.

And, although there is not a vast kitchen, the flatbreads, pizzas, pretzels, and Belgian frites make for some delicious noshing.


So come on down and let Jon, Kevin, Bissy, Autumn, Charlie, or Nick pour you a brew (or any friendly staff I forgot to mention).

Addendum: They have recently added a movie night, open mic bluegrass night, and a chocolate menu. This place rocks!

Check out the website at                                                     or their Facebook page at