Stop Three In The Beer-muda Triangle- Gravity Brewing

To review…

Stop One.

Stop Two.

An unsuspecting reader may have detected a whiny note in the Stop Two post concerning my rejected application at Crystal Springs. Upon further reflection, I was actually rejected by all three microbreweries during our first weeks living in Louisville. I contacted Jon at 12 Degree through Facebook, talked with Tom at Crystal Springs, and slipped a resume through the door at Gravity. I guess serving beer is not in my immediate future, however I was quickly picked up by Whole Foods and LOVE working there.

Back to Gravity Brewing. NOTE…the place is a little hard to find even though it is only a 5 minute WALK from 12 Degree. Part of my confusion was due to the sign on Pine Street.


As you can see from the Google satellite imagebelow, Gravity Brewing is located in the building behind Mountain High Appliance and shares space with the Walter Rhoades American Legion Post 111. You actually have to drive further south to find Gravity.


The owner of the fronting building was kind enough to allow the Gravity folks to put their name on the sign. Typical of me, the first time I tried to find the place I walked all the way around with my eyes so focused on the front building that I never glanced toward the south. I got back to my car, muttering, checked my map on the phone and set out one more time. Eureka!

It just so happened that on my visit the head brewer, Julius Hummer, was finishing up some tasks before heading out to his birthday celebration. Julius is the son of David Hummer, co-founder of the Boulder Brewery, and has brewed beer all around the world. 2035

Wanting to return to Colorado, a serendipitous connection was made with John Frazee and Ryan Bowers who happened to be looking for a master brewer. After some searching for an available space, Gravity brewing opened in September, 2012.

Walking through the doors, I got the feeling that I was a part of the brewery operation, with fermenters, barrels, bags of malt and hops in plain view. Very inviting atmosphere to have a brew or two, especially with a ping pong table and a pool table. Lots of open space to move around. Fortunate if you happen to be a fairly mediocre ping pong player.








The brews were inviting as well. Pictured from left to right are- Tsar Bomba Russian Imperial Stout, Ebb and Flow Double Red Rye, Newtonian ESB, Mendacious Belgian Golden Strong, Louisville Belgian Dubbel.

Mendacious Belgian Golden Strong Ale, 6.5% ABV, 25 IBU’s. This beer screams “nectar of the gods in summertime”. Definite bu not overpowering fruity esters, banana. Low carbonation, cleansing aftertaste leaves you always ready for another sip. Pair with a fruit tart.

Newtonian ESB, 5.7% ABV, 35 IBU’s. ESB, Extra Special Bitter) was really my first favorite kind of beer. Medium body, honey-colored, subtle malt sweetness with just a hint of orange. Nice lacing in the glass and a subtle hops kick on the back end. I could pretty much drink this from dawn to dusk.

Ebb and Flow Double Red Rye, 9.0% ABV, 70 IBU’s. Definite grain on the nose, hint of sweetness, coupled with an earthier taste, strong hops on the back end. Pair with smoked gouda and almost anything on the grill.

Louisville Belgian Abbey Dubbel, 6.5%, 25 IBU’s. Copper-colored, light to medium malt sweetness (another touch of banana, clove?). I had an interesting palate reaction with the fruit overlaying the hop bitterness with the fruit slowly decreasing and the hop increasing, although sensing both throughout.

Tsar Bomba Russian Imperial Stout, 10% ABV, 60 IBU’s. I am biased here. Wait…I’m always biased when it comes to good beer. But I do love stouts!!! Tan head, typical roast smell and something sweeter. Slightly sweet on the palate which balances the roast. Medium body which I found refreshingly surprising. This would be a good introduction for folks that say they don’t like stouts. Simple and straightforward.


It was a cool Friday in early April, but the Beer Garden out back looks like a lovely time to spend part of an evening.




Gravity Brewing has several other fine brews, but I have learned that five tastings is just right for me. Check out the website at or their Facebook page at

In Other News…

BBSometime in mid-July, we will be going on a leisurely 11 mile bike ride. Beginning in downtown Louisville, we will be visiting and socializing at 6 local microbreweries, 3 in Louisville and 3 in neighboring Lafayette. Feel free to join us for a stop or two or the entire circuit. On the map, Stop G is actually the starting point at 12 Degree, but we will actually complete our taste tour there.