Untappd- It’s like Boy Scouts… FOR BEER!

Okay,okay, I probably use this app more than any other on my Motorola RAZR. I mean I can use Google Maps on my computer and with my Jason Bourne-like skills locate the myriad ways to my destination. If I need to know the weather, I can step outside. If I need a cup of coffee…well, I do use my Starbucks app a lot as well. Anyway, if you like to play around with apps AND you drink beer, Untappd is definitely worth a try.

With this free download for IOS and Android, you can enter your beers (with optional reviews and locations) and earn a variety of merit badges. Some of these focus on beer styles (IPA’s, dark beers), country of origin, seasonal beers, events, or total number of different beers. I have currently earned 65 badges (three times the number I would need to become an Eagle Scout).


From an interview published in the Miami New Times- link listed below

While brainstorming about industries conducive to social networking, cofounder Tim Mather thought beer would be ideal, so he and business partner Greg Avola formed Untappd.

“Other social network applications are broad-based, such as Facebook and Twitter, where our app is a guide for beer seekers and drinkers,” Avola says. “We believe that drinking beer was a social action but never put in an online sense, and hence Untappd was born.”

Avola lives in New York City and Mather in Los Angeles, so they connected via Twitter. When the minds of the two techie hops-heads met, it was a match made in virtual hops heaven. A short while later, Untappd was born.

And for the relatively small yearly amount of $50, you can become an Untappd supporter, receive a special banner, and have access to a boatload of your beer statistics.

What are you waiting for!!?

And if you need a friend, I’m salased in Louisville, CO.

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Article Link- http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/shortorder/2012/04/untappd_app_social_networking.php