Odell Brewing Woodcut No. 7 – Savor And Reflect


I wholeheartedly admit that Odell’s is one of my favorite breweries. odellsTo illustrate, a couple of days ago I was just getting into my car after grocery shopping when the big Odell’s truck pulled into the lot to restock the nearby liquor store. With my cat-like reflexes I spun around to call out to the driver, “Love your beer!”. Crazy, I know, but I believe that the Odell’s employee gathered that I appeared to be a reasonably sane beer lover and not one who was going to stalk him during the remainder of his route (Note to self…stalk him the next time and cajole him until he relinquishes a six pack, preferably 90 Shilling, but I’m not that particular). He returned a friendly wave.


Only serving to intensify my adoration is this season’s limited offering, Woodcut No. 7, a Russian Imperial Stout, with a hefty 12.5% ABV.





It pours dark, really dark…I mean Serenity (a Firefly class space ship) going into the “vasty nothingness of space” dark.firefly






As the very full head recedes, the beer leaves an artistic lacing in the glass. Aromas of chocolate, roast, and oak greet your nose and tantalize your taste buds, now agog with anticipation. I believe every single taste bud in my mouth was reveling.  Similar to the aromas, my palate was treated to sensations of chocolate, oak, a hint of vanilla, and maybe just a touch of coffee. Another beer to drink sitting down in a quiet space- fireplace and overstuffed chair optional.

Great beers are an avenue toward self-reflection. Atone for my sins, I thought. Strive to be a better human. Eat less meat (except for bacon). Write more. Etc.

After only a few sips you too will make plans to be a better person…help old ladies across the street, pick up stray pieces of litter, fight crime like this guy (http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/SF-Morphs-Into-Gotham-City-for-Batkid-Battling-Leukemia-232054521.html,) Five-year-old leukemia survivor Miles, dressed as "Batkid", arrives with Batman to rescue a "woman in distress" in San Francisco






and even not fudge on your taxes (er…maybe no beer is THAT good).

This is a very filling beer. I had not yet finished my first glass when I was feeling a little full, unusual for me and happy that I would be savoring this beer for awhile. This makes me think it would be suitable for a liquid diet (broken jaw, colonoscopy prep…please remember I am not a doctor and haven’t played one on TV). Nevertheless, it would be an excellent choice for sharing with friend or foe (who will soon be a friend once you have shared a bottle).


PS. The Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) categorizes 5 different stouts. Historically, it was brewed for export to the Baltic States and Russia and was reportedly a favorite of ruling Imperial court, hence the name. It is darker and has a higher ABV than the other types of stouts. As I have said earlier, if the czars had shared their beer, there might not have been a revolution.

Odell Brewing Company  http://odellbrewing.com/

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