A Post-Christmas Christmas Beer- St. Bernardus Christmas Ale


How can that title NOT make you feel all warm and tingly, even the pre-epiphanal Grinch would crack a smile.







As I have written before, this brewery makes one of my favorite beers (http://beeredland.com/2013/08/20/159/) and the Christmas Ale is certainly no exception. IMG_0013After retrieving it from the wine refrigerator, it was a long, painful wait until it warmed up to the suggested drinking temperature of 46° to 51°F. I didn’t make it…I rarely do. I could really use a robot that could keep these beers at cellar temperature and open them early enough so I don’t have to wait, sitting at the table, and pretend not to think about this beer.

The label also says it can be aged for 15 years…..Right! Best laid plans…

Back to the beer. It has a nice, frothy, vanilla head which was long lasting. It is very similar to the Abt 12, but with just a few more spice notes on the nose and palate. Raisin, prune, a bit of chocolate. Visions of fruity esters danced in my head and in my mouth. Savor, savor, savor. And, again, watch out for the 10% ABV, as it can sneak up on you.

This is a wonderful abbey beer as opposed to a Trappist brew. Abbey beers are so named because they can have a wide range of connections to an actual Trappist monastery. In the case of St. Bernardus, the beer recipes originated with a Trappist brewer and remain so today. For other breweries making abbey-style beers, the connections to a monastery can be tenuous or simply non-existent, however the styles of beer produced most often resemble those made by Trappist breweries.  Fascinating stuff for beer geeks.

What ho? I hear the familiar sound of….


The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) and its current occupants are always welcome visitors. And I gather they are always ready to share a pint.




So we bid adieu to the 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith who did a commendable job despite some rather below par scripts.11th

And let us welcome in the 12th Doctor who will be played by Peter Capaldi.






Rejoice Whovians and Beer Drinkers alike.





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