The Beer-muda Triangle…First Stop, Twelve Degree Brewing

Deepest apologies for my lengthy absence, gentle readers. I have unequivocally not deserted you and I do continue to excitedly muse about the nectar of the gods- beer- in all its glorious colors and tastes.

Let me tell you about my town. Louisville, Colorado (and you do pronounce the “S”) is a town of less than 20, 000 folks, yet there are three microbreweries within the limits forming what shall henceforth be referred to as

The Beer-muda Triangle        You can almost taste the magic.


As there are three microbreweries on the map, it would be exceptionally easy to construct a triangle, but that would make it worthless as a map, so for the geometrically inclined, please simply imagine a triangle and save the driving to those less enlightened.









Producing delightful Belgian-inspired ales, this is one of my favorite places to relax with friends and family. Located on Main Street, it also happens to be less than two miles from our home.

With the bar and tables constructed from rail car flooring, the place exudes an ambiance of rustic charm with just a touch of impishness as seen in such details as the naming of the fermenters

2065 2063

or the scrambled words hidden in the ale descriptions









And, of course, the ales are outstanding and can be appreciated by those newly escaping their addiction to Miller Lite (or similar slop) as well as those with a wider palate.








Hopheads take note…you will find much more subtlety expressed in these beers with ratings ranging from 18 to 28 IBU’s. Alcohol content ranges from 5.7% to around 11% ABV.

And, although there is not a vast kitchen, the flatbreads, pizzas, pretzels, and Belgian frites make for some delicious noshing.


So come on down and let Jon, Kevin, Bissy, Autumn, Charlie, or Nick pour you a brew (or any friendly staff I forgot to mention).

Addendum: They have recently added a movie night, open mic bluegrass night, and a chocolate menu. This place rocks!

Check out the website at                                                     or their Facebook page at


Twelve Degree Brewing’s Velour Fog- It’s That Good!

As a former science educator I consistently challenged my students to analyze their preconceived notions. This is a key step when  confirming accurate ideas or confronting misconceptions in science (or anything else). How do you know what you know?

So as I am writing about this beer I freely admit-

1.This is one of my favorite places to have a beer,

2. It is only about a mile and a half from our house,

3. I enjoy the staff,

4. and, most importantly, they make fine Belgian-inspired ales.


I would probably be there now, but it’s Thanksgiving evening and they’re closed…







As my readers generally know, I have an overwhelming fondness for darker beers. Abt 12 (St. Bernadus), Three Philosophers (Ommegang) and Rochefort 10 (Abbaye de Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy) are  three of the nine beers I have given a top score on Untappd. And to add some perspective…that’s nine out of 340 different beers. (For more about Untappd, please see my earlier post- )




Rochefort 10









When I heard a Belgian Quad was in the tanks, I alternating between breathless anticipation and profuse salivation which made for some uncomfortable nights. This condition intensified when the ever kind and cheerful Bissy slipped me a taster some days before the official release.

The Velour Fog was worth the wait. I picked a quiet night so I could drink and write in some solitude. Just hearing the name, of course, reminded me of Mel Tormé, the Velvet Fog. I ask you in all seriousness, what relatively sane American wouldn’t make that connection?


Hear a clip of Mel- and then make your own comparisons.





velour fog

My first taste brought to mind the words “delicious and dangerous”, which I later found out appear in the beer’s description on the brewery chalkboard. Oops,




Once again it made me feel a little more like Jason Bourne, who would probably JBdrink this if he ever got to sit around long enough. One more reason to be thankful that I don’t work for the CIA.




Although I had to tortuously wait for the beer to warm to a proper drinking temperature of about 53°F. But even if I had to wait to sip, I could savor the color and aroma. The hue was lighter than my other favorite quads, a dark orange. The bouquet  was a stunning combination of raisin/prune fruitiness, a little spice, maybe even a touch of dark cherry. Strong and sweet, but not cloying, and it also had a long finish. Again, this is not the kind of ale to dive into if your preferences run toward hoppier beers (only 28 IBU’s here), but for those ready to extend their appreciation, you will not be disappointed. Additionally, it has an 11% ABV so savor this offering.

Bonus- Along with the Velour Fog, these folks also made a small batch of Cherry Velour Fog, where they added a small amount of cheery puree to the tank. I used to run from any bottle that had fruit pictured on the label as the first few I tried simply had too much fruit for my taste. Not here, friends, for this beer had very subtle notes of cherry on the nose and palate. Definitely worth a try. Listening to one Fog and drinking another would be an admirable way to spend part of an evening.


Note to Patrick G.- When you said “Make the world a better place”, I replied “I will have a beer”. This is the result.


P.S. As the Belgians have been brewing since the 3rd or 4th centuries, these fine folks are turning out some mighty fine brews.


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Rochefort 10

Three Philosophers

Mel Tormé

Jason Bourne

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